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Notice: This exclusive offer is ONLY available to the first 500 traders today.

Congratulations - if you are reading this then you’ve made it here in time to have the opportunity to secure your Crypto Rockets membership for only 40% of what you would typically pay.

I have dropped the price of Crypto Rockets to the LOWEST I can offer it.

Once these 500 spots are filled today, you can expect to pay an additional $1,500 more to become a member.

My partner Kyle Williams and I have put together the most comprehensive crypto trading membership out there… and it just got even better with the addition of our Moon Jump Launchlist and education!

Take A Look At Everything You’re About To Receive:

  • *NEW* Moon Jumper Launchlist

    You’re going to get a watchlist of coins that, based on my research, I believe have a strong likelihood of being future MoonJumpers.

    This list will be updated regularly as new Moon Jump opportunities arrive.

  • *NEW* CoinBase Listing Manifest

    This guide will walk you through CoinBase’s actual listing application and provide analysis on what exactly CoinBase is asking and why they are asking coin developers each question.

    The purpose of this is to understand what types of coins they are looking to list… and possibly become the next MoonJumpers.

  • Crypto Rockets Trade Alerts

    Crypto Trade Alerts (both buy & sell alerts) sent via SMS & Email whenever myself or my partner Kyle Williams makes a crypto trade.

    We AREN’T just sending you Moon Jumper Trades. Whenever we see an opportunity in the market we will send an alert along with a detailed explanation of why we are making that trade.

  • Crypto Rockets Bootcamp

    Our 14-Day Bootcamp is designed to cover our entire crypto trading strategy.

    You are going to learn:

    • What is the crypto market and how does it work...
    • The tools and platforms you need to be successful...
    • What patterns and research do we use to identify monster trade opportunities...
    • And Much More!
  • Monthly State of The Markets

    As you saw during the Crypto Moon Jumps training and just by watching the news... the crypto market is constantly changing!

    Every month both Kyle and myself broadcast our State of State of the Market LIVE and breakdown what’s happening and what new opportunities are available for crypto traders that we are excited about.

    We even do live Q&A so that we can answer your questions!

  • Bonus #1: Kyle’s Diamond Hands Portfolio

    As a member of Crypto Rockets you’re also going to get full transparency into my partner Kyle William’s Diamond Hands Portfolio.

    This is Kyle’s personal portfolio of coins that he is currently holding long-term that meet his “Diamond Hands criteria”.

    You’ll also receive a detailed guide of his long-term strategy and what he looks for when building a portfolio.

  • BONUS #2: Tim Sykes’s Pennystocking Framework (Parts 1 & 2)

    When it comes to trading… A LOT of the principles and patterns you use when trading penny stocks also apply to trading crypto.

    Developed by our mentor Tim Sykes, this training goes over the fundamentals of trading and Tim’s 7-step framework to trading penny stocks.

    This is the same training that Kyle and I both went through before we became millionaire traders!

  • BONUS #3: LIVE Moon Jump Training

    On November 14th… we will be hosting an entire LIVE training that goes over our Moon Jump strategy in greater detail and what coins we are looking at to potentially add to our LaunchList.

    You’ll also get access to the recording after the training AND you’ll be able to ask us questions during the live Q&A!

As I said… this lowest-ever pricing is only available to the first 500 traders today.

I put together this offer because I want to help out SERIOUS TRADERS.

Kyle and I were just like you once… we didn’t just figure out how to trade magically.

We took the leap… and found the best education we could get our hands on.

And most importantly we put in the work and did our research!

We are doing our part to help you with your success.

Now it’s time for you to take action...


Trading is about timing. If you are late... you miss out!

Once you complete this form you will immediately receive an email with your login information and instructions on how to access your membership...

I strongly believe that once you’ve mastered our strategies your trading will go… To The Moon!

See you inside,

Matt Monaco

Co-Founder Crypto Rockets